ABPROYECTOS, is a company that develops engineering projects for the industrial sector, whose policy is to encourage its employees and stakeholders involved, the prevention of road accidents that could affect their physical integrity, work equipment and the environment. To this end:

Promotes the participation of employees and stakeholders involved in the various activities that are programmed and developed within the framework of the Strategic Road Safety Plan, monitoring compliance with internal procedures and / or customers, the policy of prevention of consumption of alcohol, tobacco and psychoactive substances, and current legislation.

It establishes that drivers must drive without the use of hands-free and hands-free communication devices; respect the speeds established by law, without extending the driving day for more than 12 hours and with breaks of at least 15 minutes every 4 hours. Y,

Allocates financial, human and technical resources to ensure continuous improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the Strategic Road Safety Plan.

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