ABPROYECTOS, is a company that develops Engineering Projects for the industrial sector, which carries out its activities based on the values and ethical principles defined in its organizational culture. Its policy is to guarantee the satisfaction of the interested parties through the provision of services of optimum quality, with qualified and motivated personnel, in order to achieve an outstanding position within the companies of the sector, based on a healthy competition; achieving the respect, recognition and trust of the groups of interest.

Seeks the prevention of incidents, accidents, illnesses and property damage; identifying, assessing, evaluating and determining the necessary controls to eliminate and reduce the risks and socio-environmental impacts and pollution reduction, derived from the company’s own operations; providing safe and healthy working conditions to avoid injuries and/or health affectations; guaranteeing the commitment to consultation and participation of the interested parties.

Generates a collective awareness of healthy coexistence to avoid cases of workplace harassment, promoting a high quality of life, the well-being of its employees, their families and the continuity of the business.

Ensures the strengthening of its corporate image, the reliability of its management system and sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility with stakeholders. Y,

Ensures compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to the development of its corporate purpose and the continuous improvement of its processes; allocating the necessary resources for this purpose.


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